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Zero Conversation (Life Insurance Agent)


If you consider yourself a life insurance agent, many times you are talking to a client who has no idea about either the chance of a disability or the importance of protecting their income. You have done a great job selling them life insurance, but now you need to complete the risk management program.


Advisor: "Dan, there are 3 numbers I want to discuss."






$2,386,000 is the amount of money you are going to make between now and 65 if we assume 5% annual cost of living increases. 2 represents the fact that you are 2 times more likely to become disabled between now and age 65 than you are to die. And 0 is the amount of control you have over becoming disabled.

We have taken care of your life insurance planning and today I want to talk about completing your risk management plan.


You can now have a conversation with your client regarding the importance of protecting his risk management plan against an unforeseen disability.

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