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Zero Conversation (Financial Planner)


If you are a financial planner, many times you are talking to a client who has no idea about either the chance of a disability or the importance of protecting their income. And, what we know is that a person's incomeis what is going to fund the financial plan.

In this example, we are going to assume we are talking to a client who is 40 years old and makes $50,000 per year.


Advisor: "Dan, there are 3 numbers I want to discuss."






$2,386,000 is the amount of money you are going to make between now and age 65 if we assume 5% annual cost of living increases. 100 is the percentage of your financial plan that is dependent upon you being able to continually earn that income. And 0 is the amount of control you have over becoming disabled.

What I want to talk about today is a plan that would fund your financial plan even if you were able to suffer an accident or sickness and could not work.


You can now have a conversation with your client regarding the importance of protecting his financial plan against an unforeseen disability.

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