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Top Reasons for Financial Planners to Address DI

Set yourself apart from other financial planners. Lead the way with disability income insurance.

Top 5 reasons to sell individual disability insurance:

  1. IDI is a great door opener: Relatively few have it, but it’s much needed protection.Not many have been approached about it.Since almost all individuals depend on their incomes, they can easily see the direct benefit of insurance.

  2. If your client become disabled, Individual Disability Income insurance provides monthly benefits to help pay for daily living expenses, including premiums on other insurance and investments they may have.

  3. IDI can help diversify broker’s portfolio offer and provide attractive compensation, including generous first-year commissions, strong renewal compensation adn opportunities to earn bonuses.

  4. Offering disability insurance to client is part of financial professional’s due diligence. If you help a client with other needs, but not income protection, you are leaving a gap in the financial strategy. What do you say to that client if he becomes too sick or injured to work and is no longer receiving a paycheck?

  5. Disability solutions are available for clients in sought-after markets, such as business owners and higher-income earning professionals.

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