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Protecting the Most Valuable Asset


Clients insure assets that they have such as their house and their car. Yet, many clients do not insure their most valuable asset, their income.


Advisor: "Dave, would you agree that it makes good sense to insure your most valuable assets? For example, you insure your house and your car correct?"

Client: "Absolutely."

Advisor: "You told me your house was recently appraised at $800,000 and you have insurance on it for the full replacement value. You also told me you paid $70,000 for your car and you have insurance on it. Yet, you have not insured your most valuable asset."

Client: "What do you mean?"

Advisor: "You are 40 years old making $150k / year. YOu are going to make $3,750,000 between now and 65. And yet, you have done nothing to insure this asset."


You are now in a position to have a robust discussion regarding protecting their most valuable asset with disability insurance.

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