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April 16, 2019

With the exception of Single Life cases in CA, FL, LA, NV & VT, Principal will now allow you to choose if you want full mental/nervous & substance abuse coverage or take the MNSA rider with a 24 month limitation with up to a 10% discount1. This includes most Medical and Dental Occupations when the Regular Occupation rider is selected, where the MNSA rider was previously required.

This will be available on Single life cases or as an additional discount on Association, Multi-Life Resident or Uni-Sex Rate Multi-Life discounted cases (Except in CA, where all cases must have the MNSA rider).

However, the MNSA rider is still required for the following occupations when the Regular Occupation rider is selected:

• Emergency-Room Physicians

• Anesthesiologists

• Pain-Management Physicians

• Nurse Anesthetists

• Any Resident declaring one of these Specialties

• Any Resident with an undeclared Specialty

1 10% discount for To Age 65, To Age 67 and To Age 70 benefit periods. 5% discount for 2-year and 5-year benefit periods. In TX, is not available on 2-year benefit period; 3% discount with 5-year benefit period; 5% discount for all other benefit periods in TX.

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