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Pivot Life Insurance Sales to Income Protection

If you core expertise is Life Insurance, you can enhance your clients' planning by introducing individual disability insurance - and potentially add a supplementary revenue source for yourself.

Disability — and the resultant income loss — is much more common than your clients might believe. Approximately every seven seconds, a working-age American suffers a disabling injury or illness that will last for at least one month. Your clients may not only be un- or under-insured, but they may be unaware of the gap and what they can do to bridge it. While you may recognize your clients’ need for IDI, perhaps you're not sure how to effectively propose it.

Reach out to your team at the Disability Income Protection Group on how to start an Income Protection Check-Up!

There is a logical path to bring up IDI. The key is to begin with the topic you know best and then transition the conversation. This short video can show you how easy it can be to pivot your discussion to income protection. Give the conversation starters a try.

Contact your Brokerage Consultant, or reach us at:

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