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Corporate Excess Disability Coverage

A good business owner will want to treat all employees equally. But often equal treatment doesn't apply to equal benefits planning.

Plans like Group Long-Term Disability Insurance satisfy the disability income requirement for most employees at 67% percent up to $15,000-$20,000. That’s more than enough for most employees. But let’s be honest—if you’re in a metropolitan area, cost of living increases along with people’s salaries is where you are going to find a large disparity. That’s where Guaranteed Standard Issue comes in.

GSI (or, as we like to call it, “Corporate Excess Disability Insurance" is like the frosting on the cake. It’s necessary to equal the benefit playing field—no questions asked. CEDI benefits fill the company’s disability plan to the intended amount. So, if a business owner employs high-earners (look around at all the executive or white collar careers in your area), that business owner will want to offer Guaranteed Standard Issue to bring the Group LTD employee benefit up to a level that’s worth the employee’s top-dollar time.

Plus, it’s not just for the employees! Business owners—no matter how much on their plate—must look out for themselves, too. GSI can secure as much as 75% of income in the event of a disabling illness or injury. Large paychecks come with large expenses. Employees and owners need to have DI plans that match those numbers.

Top-tier talent is attracted to top-tier benefit packages. Customizable plans allow the employer group to structure their GSI policies in an intentional way that can protect their employees in their specific occupations, guarantee premium stability, increase with rising inflation, and even offer additional benefits for healthcare expenses like long-term care.

Know any accountants, architects, attorneys, developers, engineers, executive teams, management, or programmers that could use this extra benefit? Typically all we need is five lives to consider a GSI carve-out on a group’s top income earners.

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