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3 Buckets in the Planning Process


Far too often an advisor jumps right into trying to convince a client that he/she needs disability insurance. The advisor starts "pitching" without even knowing what the client thinks about the need for disability insurance.


Advisor: "We have talking before about the need to protect your income in the event you get hurt or sick and cannot work. When it comes to buying disability insurance, my clients tend to fall into one of three buckets. The first bucket is where they know they need disability insurance and want to start the process. The second bucket is where they don't think they need it. The third bucket is where they need more information before before making a decision. Which bucket do you fall into?"


Now you know what your client is thinking and you can adjust the conversation accordingly. If they fall into the first bucket, you can move forward with applying for coverage. If they fall into the second bucket, you can ask why they feel that way and start a different conversation. If they fall into the third bucket, you can ask what they need to see from you to help them make a decision.

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