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10 Ideas to Increase your DI Sales

10 ideas to increase your DI Sales you can use immediately:

  1. Concentrate on customers more than prospects. It’s easier to sell to an existing client than a new prospect. Review your existing client database and identify clients who you have sold life insurance or other personal lines such as health, auto, or homeowners insurance.

  2. Identify the best clients for DI. The ideal DI prospect is between the ages of 30-50, employed in a professional occupation, and has a household income of at least $75k.

  3. Never lose an opportunity to cross-sell. Small business owners are ripe for business overhead protection, buy-sell and key man disability insurance. Protect your clients retirement with retirement security protection.

  4. Say thank you. A handwritten thank you note is an easy way to show your appreciation.

  5. Never lose a chance to communicate. Schedule an annual review with your clients. You’ll quickly become their trusted advisor.

  6. After sale service. Let your clients know about opportunities to execute future purchase options or upcoming automatic increase benefits.

  7. Ask for referrals.

  8. Watch for critical moments. New jobs, marriage, new baby, new home can be catalysts for clients to feel the need for  income protection.

  9. Keep income protection in the conversation. If the first conversation doesn’t produce a sale, keep coming back to it in future conversations. Your clients will take notice that you continue to emphasize the need for income protection in subsequent conversations.

  10. Align yourself with a DI specialist at Disability Income Protection Group. In addition to sales tools and education, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of disability income carriers which is essential to meet the diverse needs of your DI clients.

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