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1/2 of a Health Insurance Plan


Since most clients have never had a conversation regarding disability insurance to protect their income, they often make a comment that sounds something like, "well I have medical insurance."


Advisor: "The problem is that you only have one-half of a health insurance plan. What I mean by that is that when you get hurt or sick, look who get paid. The doctor gets paid. The hospital gets paid. The Pharmacist gets paid. But the most important person in the equation does not get paid, you. I want to discuss a plan that, should you get hurt or sick and cannot work, you will get paid so you can pay your bills like the the mortgage, utilities, groceries, car payment and educational expenses."


The reason your client has health insurance is because they know they need it.They need it because they know they could get hurt or sick. You are now in a position to talk to them about having a program that includes medical insurance AND disability insurance.

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