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Income Protection for RideShare Drivers

...specialized programs for the ridesharing industry

Driver Behind Wheel

Take a moment to think about it. You're a rideshare driver making ends meet and meeting new people all week. But then you find out you have an illness or become injured off the job. Although you may have a good chance of getting better, you may get behind in your payments. Perhaps you have an illness and you can't drive as many hours as you were before?

Disability Insurance aka "Income Protection Insurance" is insurance for your income! 

An Income Protection Program helps keep the income coming in when you can't get out and drive. Most disabilities that occur are a result of an illness vs. an injury.

A quality income protection plan will pay benefits when your income is below 80% of your current pay.

Why Disability Income Protection Group?

We are specialists in the Income Protection business! We will help shop the market to find you the best rates.

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