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Income Protection Solutions for your Clients

The Trusted Resource for Agents and Advisors | Experts in Disability Income Protection

Disability Income Protection Group Wholesale Services Division

offers outsourced Disability Insurance Reviews and Placement Services for Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents.

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DI Referral Services

Do you have a client that is in need of Disability Income Insurance?

Are you looking for a professional resource to work with your client?


Are you interested in protecting your most valuable asset - your income? With access to major insurance carriers - both domestic and global - we can help you navigate contracts and help find the right product to protect you and your family.

Whether the risk is preferred or impaired - we say "yes".


If you are looking to protect the income of your C-Suite - we can help equalize your company's Group LTD plans.. With a comprehensive Executive Disability Plan, we can help secure discounts with institutionalized priced products for a Group of 3 or more. Coverage can be designed to be Employer or Voluntary.


We can help protect the income of a business continuity plan, key person protection, loan indemnification and professional overhead expense coverage for people with both preferred and impaired risks.



Experience Protecting You

Disability Income Protection Group meets the comprehensive income protection needs of our clients. Our dedicated agents specialize in Income Protection. But, we simply don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach. We work with you to create individualized solutions. Our team is here to help our clients ask the right questions, identify their specific insurance demands and voice their concerns so we can best meet them.

Contact us to start doing business with the very best in the industry. You’ll be surprised by what we can do for you, your business and your family.


A Central Massachusetts Company, servicing Agents and Advisors Nationally.


Corporate Mailing:

Post Office Box 417

Brookfield, MA 01506

(888) 934-7448

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