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We want the opportunity to earn your business!

Life Insurance is having only half the conversation. 

What happens if you become ill or injured?

How would you continue to pay your bills? Save for retirement? Maintain your current standard of living?

Go Team
Hear about our Partnership Program with
Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents!

Disability Income Protection Group specializes in Comprehensive Individual Disability Income Insurance Planning for Individuals and Employer Groups.

We want to build a partnership with you to help you and your clients with Disability Income Insurance! We don't want to be a quote shop - we want to be your business partner and help be a professional resource.

Life Insurance helps families replace the income of breadwinner - but what happens when that same individual becomes ill or injured? Statistics don't sell all the time - but we all know you are more likely to become disabled during your working years vs. encounter a premature death.

The growth of our firm is dependent upon our relationships with other advisors. The majority of advisors we partner with are:


  • Investment and Financial Advisors

  • Property and Casualty Agents

  • Group Benefit Producers

  • Life Insurance Agents

    • Career Firms that don't have a Proprietary Product (being a primary Disability Resource)

    • Career Firm's with Proprietary Product (helping with case diversification and impaired risk) 

We offer Point-of-Sale Services and best of all - there is no compensation split with the writing agent! You keep it all!


Disability Income Protection Group is a specialized firm that assists with the placement of Disability Income Insurance.

We serve the many needs of Insurance Agents, and Financial Advisors (both Fee-Based and Fee-Only).

We work with those that are looking for reliability, detail, and consistency with their disability income insurance advice.


Many Insurance Agents and Financail Advisors can find Disability Income Insurance a complicated product with a complicated process.

Knowing and understanding the different contract language can make your head spin - leaving many to feel like they bit off more than they can chew!

Our specialists work alongside you and your clients to help with the income protection process.

We will provide guidance from beginning to end to help you and your clients place coverage, as well as, assist and manage any other existing coverages.

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