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Truck Driver Income Protection 

...specialized programs for Truck Drivers!

Large Oil Truck

An income protection plan is needed for any truck driver - we work with all sorts of drivers - from box car delivery route drivers to long-haul truck drivers driving from coast to coast!

Supporting you and your family, maintaining lifestyle, managing your truck note are all necessary if you become ill or injured.

What To Consider

There are many important things to consider when evaluating a proper income protection plan. Age, Gender and Health are the most important.

Truck Driving isn't a simple occupational risk - there are many types of truck drivers. What is your Cargo? How far are you transporting goods?

If you are an employee, the prior outlines what you need to consider. For owner-operators, there are additional things to consider. The main consideration point is protecting your truck lease payment or loan payment. This is an obligation that can be covered individually! If you are out of work only for a couple of months - it can be very easy to get behind on a truck payment!

As an owner-operator - it's not simply your income you are protecting - but it's also your expenses.

Why Disability Income Protection Group?

We have access to a variety of disability income carriers to help you shop for the best products. 


100% Online! Simplified process with no medical exams for most truck drivers!

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