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As a real estate agent, you and your family are dependent upon your ability to earn an income. Running around to open houses, client meetings, touring properties and homes and closings!

Both your physical and mental abilities are vital to your livelihood.

Have you thought about what would happen to your income if you were to become ill or injured? How would bills be paid? Continue staff salaries? Could you continue to market your business while waiting to get back to your peak performance? 

Yes, But it Won't Happen To Me

90% of disabilities are from illnesses (cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc) than from accidents.

The probability of an illness or injury occurring during your working career is about 1 in 4. Compare that to unexpected death from a car accident is about 1 in 114!

What is your income plan should you be unable to work?

Disability Income Insurance isn't for only Total Disabilities - but even pays out in the event it's a Partial Disability. Meaning a disability where you are continuing to work as a real estate agent - but not at the capacity you were before (you have a loss of income).

Disability Income Insurance Policy Basics

Every carrier is different, here are some important things to keep in mind!

You can generally protect your income up to 80% of your take-home income or 70% of your gross income. The cost of coverage is typically between 1-3% of your income. The math is relatively that easy!

Why Disability Income Protection Group?

We are here to help you shop the market and find the most competitive pricing available! 

Disability Income Protection Group has access to many discount programs with discounts for Real Estate Professionals up to 30%!

100% Online! Up to $72,000 in Annual Coverage with no medical exams!

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