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Income Protection for Pilots

...specialized programs for the aviation community.

Pilot in Light Aircraft

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Pilots go through years of training and may incur considerable expenses in order to obtain their licenses - add on to that they must fulfill stringent health requirements in order to maintain their licenses. A slight medical issue could ground a pilot for an indefinite period of time and impact their ability to earn an income and maintain their lifestyle.

At Disability Income Protection Group, we offer Loss of License Coverage for Pilots. Pilot Disability Insurance is available for both Individuals and Groups. Loss of License Coverage covers temporary and permanent loss of pilot license.

Loss of License Insurance was created specifically to cover the pilot for a loss of license situation. Professional pilots must meet the minimum health requirements in order to maintain their pilot license. Some individuals have lost their licenses due to their health status even though they did not have a disability. For example, if hypertension is not within the mandatory requirements, the pilot will lose his/her license even though they are not disabled.

Employers Licensing Authority

The purpose of a pilot licensing authority is to guarantee the safety of the passenger of the aircraft by making sure the pilots are in satisfactory physical condition to pilot the aircraft. With so many lives at stake, the importance of the licensing authority cannot be overstated.

The Loss of License Insurance plan has been created to use the licensing authority required by the pilot’s employer. This guarantees that if the individual is grounded due to a loss of license from their licensing authority, they will be able to collect a benefit regardless if they are able to meet the minimum standards from other licensing authorities. 

Types of Pilots

When we think about professional pilots we usually think of the pilots who pilot for the commercial airlines, although there is a wide variety of career opportunities within the piloting industry. The Loss of License Insurance Plan is designed to cover many of these occupations including:

​Commercial Pilots

Corporate Pilots

Cargo Pilots

Aerial Applicators

Aerial Surveyors

Agricultural Pilots

Firefighter Pilots

Flight Instructors

Student Pilots (ATR/Commercial Career Track)

Ferry Pilots

Air Show / Stunt Pilots

Test Pilots

Air Ambulance Pilot

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