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Take a moment to hear the story of Peter Zatir - an attorney who shares his story of the impact the disability income insurance he had in place and what it did for his family.

Disability Insurance for Lawyers

...designed to your speciality


An illness or injury can have devastating consequences to individuals and their financial plans.

What would happen to those around you should you suffer an illness or injury?

Would you be able to continue paying your staff salaries? Rent? Other ongoing business expenses?

Even though being a lawyer is a white-collar profession, you're still at risk of becoming disabled at some point during your working career. According to the Council for Disability Awareness, 90% of disabilities are due to illness, not injury. You are at a much higher risk of suffering an illness or injury at some point during your working career vs. encountering a premature death.

Why Disability Income Protection Group?

Our Independence helps bring carrier choice. As an independent insurance firm, we have access to the major carriers in the disability marketplace!

Not only can we help secure coverage - we can help review your current coverage.

Whether you are in the best of health or have a health impairment - we can help! We are very adept at handling cases for individuals with multiple health impairments.

Discount Programs

Many carriers offer discounts for Lawyers, be sure to review what discounts may be available to you. At Disability Income Protection Group, we have one carrier offering discounts for attorneys with up to a 30% Discount!

Association Programs

Many Legal Associations also offer discounted premiums on Group Association Plans. While these plans may have limitations and gaps, they can be a cost-effective way of securing disability insurance coverage

Group Disability Insurance provided by an Employer

Group Disability Insurance can provide a good amount of base coverage, but buyer beware, these plans may also have significant gaps and limitations. Discuss your employer-provided plan with one of our Disability Income Insurance Specialists to design a wrap-around disability plan that can plug up and holes and cover any limitations. A wrap-around plan can also address the issue of portability. While Group Disability Insurance may only be convertible at a much higher cost, an Individual Disability Policy with appropriate Benefit Update Triggers can allow an individual to increase their coverage in the event they lose their employer-provided coverage.


Cost is one of the important things to understand with Disability Insurance. The simple math and answer is - on average it can cost about 1-3% of your income to cover about 80 to 100% of your take-home pay. This math is presuming you don't have any other benefits available to you. Why? As we pointed out before - there is a much higher chance of suffering an illness or injury during your working career! 

Our specialists can help review your coverage and any coverage you may have through your employer!

Disability Income:

A tough topic no one really wants to think about.

What happens if I myself become disabled and need care - and can't provide for myself?

We can help put protection strategies in place so you are not putting a burden on a family member or loved one to take care of you.

100% Online! Up to $72,000 in Annual Coverage with no medical exams!

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