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Association and Affinity Groups

...specialized discount programs for Disability Income Insurance

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Enhance the Member Benefits you offer with a Disability Income Insurance Program offered at Discounted Rates!

Disability Income Protection Group provides specialized Income Protection Programs to Associations and Affinity Organizations. We offer best-in-class coverage, advice, and education to targeted industry groups. Making a Disability Income Insurance policy available to your members can afford them discounts up to 47%, depending on group size.

Our team provides solutions for a variety of industry groups:

Law/Bar Associations

Accounting Associations

Realtor Groups

Medical Groups

and many other Industry Groups!

When you partner with the Disability Income Protection Group, you are putting your reputation on the line. We offer a comprehensive discovery process to identify the best way to roll-out a program to your industry group.

Disability Income Protection Group works with members nationwide. 

When working with the Disability Income Protection Group, you have the opportunity for special underwriting offers, reporting, consultative education programs and client managers dedicated to working with your industry group. The product discounts your members receive often will pay for your member's annual dues!

Disability Income Protection Group offers a convenient digital experience from our online platform for your members. No face-to-face meetings required!  Simplified Underwriting Programs - no exams necessary!


To start the online discovery process - complete our online Intake Questionnaire.

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