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The ability to earn and generate an income is the largest asset your clients may have!

It's typically an easy conversation to talk about protecting that new car, that new home, or that new cellphone - but why do so many advisors neglect to start the conversation regarding

income protection? 

Here is a couple of things to keep in mind when talking with clients!


  • Group DI through the employer is never enough! Although it's a great opportunity to talk with a client about reviewing the coverage that they have.

  • For Business Owner clients these questions can lead to many opportunities - what happens to the owner's income if they were out of work for 6 to 8 months? How much business would they lose? Would customers change their relationship if they didn't know if that business owner was coming back? Loss of Income Coverage will protect that loss of income until the business owner's income was back 100%!


If this is an area you haven't focused on with your clients - we can help!


If you are discussing DI - we are looking for the 10 minutes to share how we are different!


The next step is yours.... 

I want to learn more!

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